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The Apple Watch Series 6 has a feature of measuring your blood oxygen level with an app and sensor. It can take the ECG wherever you want. It is easy to check your fitness metrics with just one click. Moreover, the always-on retina display is something that gives you the best graphics and you don’t have to raise your wrist to see anything on the screen. With this state-of-the-art Apple Watch Series 6, you can track your health easily and have a healthier and more active life. The updated and amazing sensor put in the Apple Watch Series 6 allows you to track your blood oxygen by reading it day and night in the background as well.

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Moreover, the innovation sensor and powerful insights make it worth your price. This technology is made up of four LEDs and four photodiodes. The Apple Watch Series 6 also has some other amazing features like the Sleep app for a better night’s sleep.

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